Virtual windows by Kaleva

We've developed software which controls virtual windows

Kaleva — russian full cycle windows producer.

Interfaced developed software for Kaleva to operate virtual windows — LCD-displays built into reduced-weight profile looking like window but with 4K video playback. Playback can be controlled with app for iPhone (via Bluetooth) or using browser on PC (via WiFi).

Virtual windows by Kaleva

These windows can be installed to room with no traditional windows - to the ground floor offices or into rooms inside the building. Windows bring comfortable athmosphere into a place or take the interactive functions.

We made an image of Linux-based operation system including:
  • DRM components;
  • components for 4K video playback on multi-folded windows considering frames' width;
  • services for controling window via Bluetooth;
  • software update system;
  • built-in web interface to operate the window.